Yummiest Car Interiors That’ll Blow Your Mind!!!

We have all seen pictures of cars that look like heaven on earth and all. But have we ever paid attention to the interior of these cars?? Some of them have beautiful exteriors yet have nothing so special on the interior. Mostly because of their cramped up space and very little extravaganza. However, the interiors of some cars are designed in such a way that we onlookers begin to wonder if they were customized or the cars were actually created with such design for sale. Whatever the case may be we are all pretty sure of who the car manufacturers had in mind when they were making these cars- the uber successful and absurdly wealthy people of this world.. We all know the #richkidsofinstagram. These cars are the kind of cars that the richest kids of whatever country in this world use. Also, people in all these tv shows about wealthy people are seen using cars like this. Shows like; The Real Housewives Franchise, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Platinum Life, Secret Life of the Super Rich, New Money, and so many others. All these shows depict stupendous wealth and the things these wealthy people use their money for, which is majorly acquiring the best of everything that can be bought with money. One of these is cars.. We will take a look at the interiors of some of these cars, that has a large number of people wishing for a life they’ll most likely never have. In no particular order, these are the cars with the most luxurious interiors;


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The Rolls Royce Phantom..


The Rolls Royce in itself is a luxury car only associated with people that literally have too much to spend but it has an even more platinum collection that allows the buyer customize and tweak the interior of the car to their own taste. These additions can add a 30% premium to the car that has a starting price of well over $200,000.. That is a freaking huge amount of money.. Seriously like only 10% of the human population can afford this car.. And people like Kings of Saudi Arabia, UAE and those other rich countries.. Then there’s the class of people like Diezani (corrupt thieving politicians), then there are the moguls, entertainment moguls, IT moguls and moguls of various other industries.. Then of course there are the children of all these people.. Wow!! There is money oh!!! Moving ahead let’s take a look at the interior of this magnificent vehicle.


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This version is called Serenity and is featured in the Rolls Royce Phantom. The seats are made of silk and the painted details remind you of a Japanese garden. I can’t even make a coherent sentence right now.. Don’t mind what I wrote up there.. I’m literally babbling to myself and there are still a lot more to go.. I hope I make it through this without getting depressed.

The dashboard also gives off a serene, antique vibe.

Now this is a dashboard!!!!



That may just be as luxurious as it gets.

I had to repost this picture.. I’ve got no words.. NO WORDS!!!


Next on the list is the Bentley Bentayga, it is very opulent and has several luxurious features such as front seats that give massages. Did i just say massages? I sure did.


2. The Bentley Bentayga offers several luxurious features, like front seats that can give you a massage.

You love the exterior right? Now let’s look inside, it’ll blow your mind!!!


You can elect to get the version with the Mulliner Hamper Set, which comes with a refrigerator, fine china, and a storage area for food.

Did you know you could decide to get the version with the Mulliner hamper set that comes with a refrigerator, fine china, and a storage area for food.


And there are also television screens on the back of the front seats.

There are television screens at the back of the front seats.


Handcrafted wood and leather add to the car's luxurious vibe.

One word- Beautiful!!!


The third car is the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman…


3. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman, as you can probably tell by its outer appearance, has plenty of leg room on the inside.

Now this car is magnificent and the sleek black colour, lovely!! As you can see from the exterior there is plenty of room inside…

The back comes with four seats, where on pair of seats faces the other pair. That gives it the feel of a limousine.

This palatial vehicle costs about $567,000.. That’s over half a million dollars… The back comes with four seats, where one pair of seats faces the other pair. That gives it the feel of a limousine. There is room in the center console for champagne and champagne flutes.


It even comes with pillows!

The seats recline and there are even pillows so you can have a very restful sleep in your car, if you’re so busy that you don’t get enough sleep at night… This baby is your friend…

Last but not the least is the Bentley Flying Spur



4. Bentley drivers have the option to fully customize the Flying Spur, the automaker's luxury sedan.

The starting price of the car is $200,000 without customization, but the buyers have the option to fully customize the vehicle.


Owners can elect to put a refrigerated bottle cooler between the rear seats.

Owners can get to put a refrigerated bottle cooler in between the seats and the vehicle even comes with a champagne flute.


And it's entirely up to you what color the interior is painted.

And you get to chose the color you want to paint the interior of your car!! Yea yea I’ll love that…



If that red doesn't do it for you, this inviting chocolate brown might.

Take a look at this brown chocolatey yummy goodness!!!


So, that’s it for cars with yummy interiors… Feast your eyes and keep dreaming, nothing is impossible.. But don’t be too desperate so you don’t do illegal stuff.. You can still make a lot of money legally just be patient it might take a while and ensure you’re doing what you love and yes now I’m preaching.. Lol, byeeee!!!!


Source: Business insider


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